“People say that revenge doesn't make you feel better. Those people are doing it wrong.”

Vincent O’Malley is a former politician, property magnate and billionaire. He is also the head of a powerful criminal organisation. Keeping both of his lives running smoothly and compatible is a tough task but O’Malley has the perfect man for the job.

Vergil Carver.

After the mysterious disappearance of his father Noah Carver, Vergil stepped into his role as Vincent O’Malley’s Chief of Staff. Here, Vergil runs O’Malley’s life, which is full of problems. A dysfunctional O’Malley family, aggressive corporate competitors, rival gangsters and a brilliant journalist who will stop at nothing to get her story are just some of the day-to-day issues he has to handle.

Yet those are mere distractions to Vergil because he has only one ruthless agenda. He wants to slowly tear down O’Malley’s empire and life until there is nothing left. He wants revenge against O’Malley, against the man who killed his father.

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