Who is Sparks?

Joel Sparks was born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa in August 1981. His parents, both hailing from the UK, decided that being raised around sun, sand and institutional racism was not for their son, so they dragged him back to Britain. Because here we have rain, wind and the BNP. He still hasn't forgiven his parents.

A majority of his life was spent in the North West region, enduring the ear shattering tones of Scousers, the IQ dulling drones of Mancs and the Klingon-esque spelling of the Welsh. He is grateful for the neutral accent he holds, making where he is from almost impossible to ascertain by listening to him.

He went to school and endured the incompetency of the UK educational system that protects inept teachers by politicising their jobs. He considered burning his schools to the ground but fear of sexual assault in our nation's prison showers restrained his murderous tendencies. Having surmised that school is not about educating or bettering people but is just a long University application process, he went to University. He gained a degree, presented on a nice piece of paper. It increases in all kinds of value if you fold it into an aeroplane shape because it has little to no merit otherwise.

Having spent most of his young years being pretty shy and quiet, teenage years caused him to snap. After extensive bullying and ridicule, he came to the realisation that being agreeable meant you were a doormat. Granted, telling people the truth and what you genuinely think is construed as being downright rude but frankly, those people who choose to take offence have their own self esteem issues.

Joel Sparks is a budding author beyond the realms of this blog. Hunted is his first novel, which is a frantic thriller where the protagonist, Aaron Lucas, is pursued by a group of people for reasons unknown to him. It is down to him to discover the truth of the conspiracy he has been drawn in to, if he has any chance of staying alive.

The second in the series, introducing the eponymous anti-hero Vergil Carver, who is the Chief of Staff to Vincent O'Malley, an influential billionaire who is also one of the most powerful crime lords in London. The story follows Carver's surreptitious efforts to exact revenge on his boss for the murder of his father. However, his plans become disrupted when another party, who has been biding their time for decades, steps up their plans for vengeance against O'Malley. Carver must use all of his wits to stay one step ahead of some of the most deadly men in the London underworld and atone the killing of his father.

Next up is Insider. Six men are taken captive and are imprisoned in an underground bunker. One of them has knowledge of a pending terrorist attack that will take place in London in 15 hours time... and the clock is ticking.

And then Vergil Carver returns to face a new, more deadly enemy in Whiplash. When a young MP decides to speak his mind on national TV, it threatens to expose a insidious conspiracy running through the corridors of power. Carver has to protect the young politician's reputation, while staying alive long enough to uncover the truth. To survive, Carver will have to do the unthinkable.

Joel Sparks is of the opinion that the world clings on to emotive headlines rather than reasoned stories. We take the first gut emotion and run with it and don't ever allow ourselves to consider the alternative. Joel Sparks sees things from a different perspective, stepping back and considering the grander picture. Highlighting the hypocrisy in our rage against riots, how our treatment of the rich is motivated by jealousy and not justice, and how talking about your problems can make them worse are some of the things he has already tackled. What more does the mind of Joel Sparks have to offer? Well, this blog is the place where you will find out!