Sunday, 10 April 2016

TV shows you should watch: The West Wing

Aaron Sorkin has written many great scripts. The Social Network, A Few Good Men and Moneyball, to name a few. Hell, if that man wrote a Chinese menu, I'd pay to hear someone read it. In The West Wing, however, we have the man's magnum opus.

Focusing on the President's staff within the White House... nope, that's about it. Sure, a few things do happen but in the first two seasons, major plot lines can be counted on one hand. This is a show that proves that character driven drama can be just that. TV shows can be about creating people so interesting that you just want to spend time with them.

The intellectual insights these people have on the world challenge what you think. Snarky, sharp and smart, it could easily become a preachy show about why Democrats are right and Republicans are wrong (a trap Sorkin fell into for another one of his shows, The Newsroom). It isn't. It is about these flawed, brilliant people who try to make their country a better place. If politics was always like this, you'd have far more faith in the government of the day.

If you don't want to invest yourself in a show based on the scant amount I can offer, just YouTube some of the best clips. There is an ocean of them. That's because The West Wing is about great moment after great moment. Not just in a season but relentlessly through every episode.

Recommended watch: When President Bartlett has his first moment on the show, you'll probably be hooked. If not, give it six episodes.

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