Friday, 15 April 2016

TV shows you should watch: Suits

Mike Ross has one of the most brilliant minds. He can remember everything he sees and can process it like he is a biological Google. Unfortunately, he hasn't utilised that skill all the best, leading him to spend time with shady company. So when a chance encounter lands him in a job interview with one of the top lawyers in New York, an opportunity to rise above comes his way.

That lawyer is Harvey Specter. I call him a lawyer, he's more a poker player with all the swagger of a sports star. Seeing the huge potential in Mike, he agrees to hire him, despite him not having a law degree and the tiny detail of it being illegal.

And so it goes. The premise is one they keep coming back to as the point of tension and drama in the show. That's not what makes it stand out.

This show is all about its characters. Razor sharp dialogue, quick fire banter and insightful, punchy statements are standard in a show swimming in all that is sassy. What you come to realise is you love them all, even though they are all scum bags. You root for them. You feel their pain. Honestly, when something starts to go wrong, you feel sick and want it to stop. You keep watching in the hope it will turn out okay.

The first few seasons of Suits can be found on Netflix.

Recommended watch: The pilot is a solid 90 mins but I would give it 3 more episodes on top of that.

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