Wednesday, 13 April 2016

TV shows you should watch: Boston Legal

James Spader is one of the most watchable actors out there. Here he is a dark delight, playing Alan Shore, an eloquently verbose lawyer with capricious morals, alongside William Shatner as the law firm's crazy owner, Denny Crane.

This show is nuts. It consistently breaks the fourth wall without being too panto about it. The cases vary from a black girl suing Broadway for refusing to cast her as Annie to a therapist launching a suit because he was sacked for believing in UFOs. Ordinary cases do come along but ordinary this show is not.

It is quick fire in its dialogue and yet deeply thoughtful in its statements. Spader is frequently allowed long monologues, disguised as closing statements in court, that put the world to rights. Shatner is having the time of his life being a senile old man with far too much money (yes, yet again, he is playing himself).

It was a show that never got the respect it deserved, despite winning plenty of awards. Give it a try. There are 101 episodes to enjoy and you never want them to end.

Recommended watching: 3-4 episodes should be enough for you to know if it is your thing.

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