Tuesday, 7 July 2015

The England "Sexism" Tweet & Disrespect For Mothers

The above tweet caused outrage. The FA was labelled sexist for posting it. James Callow, the man who wrote this tweet, insisted that no offence was intended and that any notion it was sexist was wrong. After all, he had done a similar thing for the Men's England Cricket Team. I don't think it is sexist. Last time I checked, the Women's England football team was filled with mothers, daughters and partners, so factually it was correct. However, the tweet was not a problem for me. It was the reaction.

You see, the outrage was sparked off the back that this seemed Victorian in its tone. That it carried the rhetoric of "Get back in the kitchen, love!" about it. That somehow, they've had their little adventure but now it's time they got back to breeding and feeding. It is an antagonism that carries an attitude to something sacred that shows how we have lost sight of what is most sacred. That as heroic as footballers may be, as courageous as those who represent their country are, there is nothing in society, absolutely nothing, more special in this world than mothers.

That's the problem with the tweet. It makes mothers sound like an every day thing. Sure, there are billions. Every good one is incredibly special. The tweet missed sight of that but that's a slip. The outrage was a consensus that we no longer value mothers to the level we should.

Let me tell you how incredible mothers are by putting my own in the spotlight. She first grew me and allowed me to effectively be a parasite, so that I could grow into a baby, ready to grow in this world. She nurtured me, fed me, clothed me, wiped my backside, bathed me and got up to be with me every time I cried. She went without decent sleep night after night to make sure I was okay. She would lose sleep because she was worried that I was okay. She would clean the home after I made it messy so I had a pleasant place to live. She would correct me when I was wrong and stand up for me when the world was against me. She would listen to me spout my dreams and nightmares. She'd bring me treats, whether I deserved them or not. She cry tears with me, she'd hug my problems away and when everything had fallen apart, she would be the first to pick up the piece of my soul and start putting them back together.

So, to the indignant crowd who rounded on the man who composed this tweet, let me say this. Don't you dare take a rhetoric that undermines the sacred and special role of mothers. You utterly disgust me. Mothers do the hardest job in the world and they do it for free. Just remember as you get on your high horse of supposed sexist sanctimony, a woman brought you into the world. You owe it to her to show mothers the highest respect, rather than assuming it is an old fashioned, antiquated position. To make things worse, even though you disrespect her, she is probably still proud of you. That is just how awesome mothers are.

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