Sunday, 23 November 2014

That's Not Why It's Sad

There are moments in movies that make us cry. The joy, the tragedy, the swell of emotions that comes with that heart string tugging moment. Yet, I think we cry at some movie moments for the wrong reasons. I think we've been duped by Hollywood and there is another reason such emotional moments are worth our pitiful precipitation from our peepers. Allow me to explain...


This was the last film I cried to. The moment came as Forrest stood over the grave of his beloved Jenny. I wept, I'll admit it, but not for the reason everyone else was. They all thought it was so sad that Forrest's one true love was gone and he couldn't see her any more. Me, I thought Forrest, a fundamentally good man, had wasted so much of his heart on a horrid woman who didn't deserve his affection. This woman was a junkie who abandoned Forrest, who shunned his chivalry when he rescued her from those who would molest her, who only went back to him because she was in trouble. And when did she discover her true love for him? A few years after squeezing out his sprog, rapidly receding to the grave with a terminal disease, she suddenly spots that Forrest was the one for her all along. She didn't deserve his love. She deserved a Fathers For Justice campaign on her balcony!


That moment when Will Smith goes running after Eva Mendes is one that got a few of my friends in tears. Me, I was enraged at it. If you watch the film carefully, the reason their relationship falls apart is 100% because Eva Mendes's character is a complete douchebag, making a slanderous judgement about Hitch without finding out the facts. She then wrecks his career where he has been helping people who deserve and need his aid. At this point, she puts up a struggle about whether she is going to take him back. Unbelievable! You're Will Smith, you can do better! The ending of this film made me want to cry because it just reinforced the notion that men should put up with women's crap. Why? Just because!


"I'll be right here" ET says to Elliott, as he leaves for his ship. People watching begin to sob because ET has to go and Elliott will miss him. Me, I'm thinking of the psychological scarring that will come from his experience and indeed the endless experiments NASA will conduct on him for the rest of his life. And possible probes. In all the painful places. Now that is something to bring a tear to anyone's eyes.


As Robin Williams get fired and is paraded out of the classroom to the cry "O Captain, my Captain!", everyone wells up. The reason they should be is because they just wasted two hours that they will never get back. Yes, Robert Sean Leonard kills himself but you honestly don't care. When he shows up as Wilson in House, you don't even give Dead Poets Society a passing thought. It's a crap film in every way.

I could go on but I think I've made my point. Stop being emotional basket cases. Some of your tears are not warranted!

Saturday, 8 November 2014

The Fall of Feminism

Do you know what feminism means? I bet you think it means women being overtly obtuse about the opposite sex in an effort to redress the supposed imbalance they see between the genders. It doesn't. The correct definition is this: Feminism is a collection of movements and ideologies aimed at defining, establishing, and defending equal political, economic, cultural, and social rights for women. This includes seeking to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment.

The problem is what feminism started out as is not what it is now. Feminism is now seen by most as an increasingly ultra discriminatory campaign, that is not just pro-female but fundamentally anti-men. The growing consensus is that feminism is painting women as victims in all scenarios and men as the aggressors.

A classic example of this was found in a conversation I saw online about a beaten wife. The person who put up the post in question was mortified that the first question someone asks when they hear about a beaten wife is "Why didn't they leave?" Now, it does show a shallow understanding of the situation when it comes to spousal abuse but the person who had put up the original post, a self confessed feminist, completely undermined her argument with her response. "Typical of a man to say that! Idiot!" What both parties forget is that women AND men suffer spousal abuse. In both instances, the victim struggles to leave. However, the man was just ignorant about the situation. The feminist though exposed an underlying hatred towards men. His question wasn't maliciously intended, just misguided and misinformed. Her reaction though supported the notion that feminism is no longer about equality, it has become about gaining supremacy for the female of the species by any means because, by her tone, men are inferior. They just don't know it yet.

The problem is you are not allowed to bring into question any feminist preferences, at fear of being labelled a bigot or sexist. I was in a discussion with a woman on Twitter about the fact that women and men win the same prize money at Wimbledon. I disagree with that. The men play the best of 5 sets and have to play at least 21 sets to win the tournament. That is the maximum the ladies champion will play. Either the women should play the best of 5 sets or their prize money should reflect the maximum amount of tennis they could play was my opinion. This was met with a response that said that it was about time women benefited more. A sort of 'Well, you've had it good for so long, it is time we earned more than you for less work.' That's not a fight for equality. It's a fight for superiority. And it is this ugly undercurrent that will gather strength and marks the fall of true feminism.

Feminism is a noble cause. Equality is something we should strive for. Differences should be respected. But it is a cause that has been hijacked by a childish notion of bullying your way to the best toys. Even when stone cold facts are presented, they are done in a way to skew the opinion towards this ultra-feminist rhetoric. 

For example, women are paid less than men. It's not open to debate, it's a fact. However, never is there a full assessment done as to why. In the US, it was found that women were being paid $0.75 for every dollar a man was being paid. In the UK, women are effectively working 57 days a year for free when their earnings are compared to their male counterparts. But no one dares ask why. If it was as simple as what I have presented, hell, walk me into any company as CEO. I'll sack every man in the place and hire only women. 25% saved on every replacement employee. It is not that simple. There are other factors but no one dares consider them because the ultra feminist rhetoric would condemn such an individual to be a misogynistic dinosaur. The stupid thing is by understanding the why, we would accelerate towards equality. Feminism has fallen from its true cause and unknowingly goes about sabotaging it.

The viral video of a woman walking around New York City for 10 hours in silence was another example of how feminism has lost its way. Watching the video, I found a few of the things genuinely unsettling. The guy who walked alongside her for minutes was creepy. Some of the remarks were not gentlemanly or acceptable. However, saying hello or offering a polite greeting in the hope a beautiful woman would respond is not harassment. It's not even close. If this feminism, then it is not looking for equality. It is looking to homogenise the world.

There is one other possibility. This comes as a reflection of the anti-feminist feeling that is growing among women. They are tired of being painted as victims. They feel that feminism has now become a wounded beast that looks for the next injury to roar about and if it can't find one, it will create one. Then it will wield that affliction around like mace, making their point in as loud and as destructive a manner as possible.

You know what... some men do treat women like crap. I get that. But some women treat men like crap too.  I'm tired of the hypocrisy of feminists, who think men should not be allowed to say anything about a woman's body but then can make small penis jokes. The "He's not getting any" remarks are hideously ugly, like using sex as a method of coercion is acceptable behaviour in any way. The "I don't need feminism" movement got its strength from women being tired of the movement veering away from its noble ideal to its current snide methods. Moreover, it is no longer wholly sure of its goal because if it did, it would not operate like it does today. It shouldn't polarise but the current form of feminism does and therefore, it is with sadness that I must announce that feminism is dead.