Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The Comparison Crime

I am a realist. The chirpy, annoying optimists disregard that statement and translate it into "You're a pessimist" when it isn't the case. A pessimist is never disappointed because if things go well, they are pleasantly surprised and if things go according to the way they thought, they feel validated. A realist is just experienced enough to know that the world is a terrible place and that the human race are, fundamentally, flawed fools who will eventually let you down. The problem is no one is willing to let a realist be. He or she has to change by the dictate of those they hang around with and there is a classic tactic these upbeat buffoons will use. An ugly one. A well intentioned but cruel one. A crime to the rest of humanity.

What they do is say something like "There are people starving in Africa" as a way of explaining that someone out there has it worse than you do. By that, they seem to think that because in your social situation, where you're better off than other people, you should revel in it. Think about it. Someone else is suffering more than you, so be happy about it.

It's like screaming about someone cutting your finger off, only for another person to remind you about that guy across the room who is having his leg sawed off. Yes, he might be in agony but how it should turn your pain into appreciation, I don't know. If you did, then the poor victim across the room would think you're an utter scumbag and rightly so! Why would taking solace in someone else's misfortune or pain be a decent thing to do?

When you sit back and think about it, it is criminal kind of outlook, where you spend your time looking down on what you consider to be those in lesser positions. This is the stance of the small minded optimists who insist that the rest of us have to change. Why? So we can validate their incessant Disney style attitude? They will tell you that life is better when you're happy. How would they know? They are never sad and only choose to be when they identify something in life they don't like. And to make things worse, those happy people take that moment to be fed up and when someone goes for the comparison crime, they react the worst way. They cheer up. They blindly buy into the sick, twisted idea of standing on other's misery.

I am not saying that you have to be miserable to be a decent human being. I am saying that being happy for the sake of being happy is ignorant and selfish. Then trying to impose that on others who choose not to actively embrace such a short sighted attitude is akin to a crack addict sharing their narcotics with you. It is a crime and one that the chirpy crowd need to drop. Stop standing on the skulls of the supposedly suppressed and let people be what they want to be.