Saturday, 27 April 2013

The New Sexism

Dear ladies,

Us men just LOVE it when you post pictures, tweets and statuses that tar us men with the same brush. Honestly, when you put up a message portraying yourselves as the victims of cheaters, liars and being on the wrong side of a break up, us men just take it. We do, however, note that you seem to have completely forgotten that men have also been the victims of such things. We're as gutted and broken about it as you are but we man up, have a night out with the boys, enjoy a kebab and get on with our lives. We don't pollute the internet with rage-filled bile that suggests that all women are heinous man-eaters.

Then we might make a joke about women. "Make me a sandwich"... "Calm down, dear!"... stuff like that. It is just a joke. However, you decide that this is oppression, subjugation of the stealthy kind and a breach of human rights. You then label us, condemn us and bully us, yet you can make jokes about men freely and if we pipe up about being denigrated, we get shouted down. Jokes back and forth, when intended as nothing more than a funny remark, is banter. Picking and choosing which gender can make those jokes is feminism or chauvinism, the gender specific forms of bullying. And I hate bullies.

There is a picture that does the rounds on Facebook that reads "I'm not crazy, I'm just tired of putting up with your crap." You know what? Us men are tired of your crap too. The new sexism isn't the oppression of women's rights but the hypocrisy of some, not all, women. We can see now how the restrictions on women have been stripped back. Women hold high positions of power and influence. Women are listed among the richest people in the world. Women can do and be whatever they choose. It seems that also includes being hypocrites, telling men that they can't do what women do.

It is feminism, a cause that used to fight for equality but now, it only breeds chauvinism. So as a man who is tired of being tarred with that ugly feminist brush, please, stop it. I am tired of putting up with your crap.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

The New Snob

When you think of someone who is a snob, they are typically people who is affluent and out of touch. The precise term is someone who thinks of others as inferior. Now, be honest, you're thinking of either someone who is very rich and sits in their ivory tower, or that annoying lady who lives down the street and thinks she is posh when she is just stuck up. That term has become antiquated and been replaced by a far more hypocritical guise. While the affluent had something of substance to point at, this new brand of snob uses supposed principles, tastes and opinions to support their condescending attitude and bullying behaviour.

There is the political snob. This used to be a section of Tory supporters but somehow it has now been replaced by a section of Labour supporters. I have no political allegiance. In the three General Elections I have voted in, I have voted for three different parties. So I can say this from a point of view that has no political bias. Some Tory supporters, during the 80's and 90's, had an ugly attitude where everything they said was gospel truth and any other viewpoint was considered uneducated or heretical. Now, there is an overly vocal section of Labour supporters that condemn anyone who supports a Tory policy as evil, oppressive and idiotic. I mentioned on Facebook that I supported welfare reform on Facebook and was labelled as judgemental, unchristian and a Daily Mail reader. It was an ugly episode. The whole thing has left me cold to the political process. However, the behaviour of Labour supporters in this recent incident has meant that I will never vote Labour again. I'm not saying I will vote Tory or even vote for anyone as a consequence but I have no time for such small mindedness and rudeness.

Then there is the music snob. They tend to be fans of rock music but it can apply to plenty of other genres. These are people who think that if you don't listen to a specific kind of music, you don't listen to "real" music. Unbelievably snobbish. The kind that fully deserves to be punched in the throat. Twice. No one has the right to make such a declaration with any seriousness and can expect to still have any class. You don't have to like the music other people like but to deride their music choice as fake is pathetic. The great example is Blur and Oasis. Both bands have produced, in my opinion, great songs. A trend I noticed was that Blur fans would appreciate Oasis's songs but Oasis fans would hate Blur... just because. A person is entitled to their opinion. You don't have to like it but you do have to respect their right to make that decision. For example, I don't like the song Imagine by John Lennon. It bores the living crap out of me. One person said that such an opinion showed I know nothing about music. I haven't spoken to that person for 6 years since. When they want to apologise for their condescension, then conversations can start up again. I have plenty of friends. I don't need to maintain snobs in my social circle.

And of course, no talk about snobs would be complete without a doff to the grammar Nazi. Yes, it should be Ten Items or Fewer. Yes, it is truly terrible when someone gets your and you're mixed up. Hell, I am sure that small children in Africa die when someone doesn't capitalise the correct letters. If you're a grammar Nazi, being annoyed is one thing. Spamming a Facebook post because there is a spelling mistake in it is the kind of act that should be met with a Tomahawk missile to the face. Let it go. If you love correcting spelling, become an English teacher. Otherwise, pipe down!

To be a snob used to be an awful thing and was rightly condemned. Now, we seem to think it is perfectly acceptable because everyone else needs to learn that your way is the only way. To all snobs, let me break it to you. Your opinion is not fully informed. It doesn't see the big picture. You see what suits you and that blinkered, arrogant attitude you have is what undermines your opinion from the start, because the only opinion that is truly valid is the one that is open to a new possibility.