Thursday, 23 February 2012

Alphabet Challenge - M for Mmmmm

As issued by Miss Jennifer Edwards.  See how she did with the goal of N for Nasty or Nice on her blog.

Things that make me go mmmmm... the common sound of enjoyment, contentment and delight.
  • Smells
Bacon cooking; freshly cut grass; the sweet smell of success or victory; Jean-Paul Gaultier aftershave; my own brand of fart; the first scent I enjoy after being ill or having a cold.
  • Touch
Silk; a hug; holding her hand; my Dad's hands on my head when he gives me a Priesthood blessing; a kiss; the way someone checks how a shoe fits; a massage; a warm towel; a cold pillow.
  • Sight
The smile on my niece's face; Man Utd winning a trophy; a mind-blowing movie; a sunrise or a sunset; the way cities and towns light up the landscape during the night; her smile; my brothers when they respectively got married.

  • Taste
Fish & chips with curry sauce; cola cubes; fruit juice right after a hard game of football; a tub of Hagen Daas ice cream that has my name on it.

  • Sound
Silence; a favourite song; "I'm sorry"; "I forgive you"; "I love you"; "It will be ok".

And then finally, inner peace.  It is a sensation that isn't restricted to any sense.  Indeed it is a spiritual thing.  Although I include it tentatively because I can't say it is something that makes me go mmmmm because I can't say I've ever experienced it properly.  The fleeting moments I have enjoyed have either been driven away by my own stupidity or torn away from me by the actions of others.  But I hope it comes my way, one day.  Preferably soon.

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