Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The Player

"Hate the game, not the player" - a line and philosophy commonly espoused by players and it is frankly moronic.  It promotes a predatory method to dating, where feelings are foolishly fostered because it is all about the chase and not about what dating should be about, namely building a meaningful relationship with someone.  A player can be defined by their behaviour and actions:-

  • They express a fear of commitment but still date around.
  • They maintain friendships that are flirty but even if they start dating someone seriously, they are always looking for a way out.
  • They don't like to be seen publicly with their dates.
  • They claim that they are not flirting, they are just friendly.
  • They blow hot and cold, namely they are up for a relationship and then they find some lame excuse about how it won't work.
Players are attention seekers.  The prime kind of attention they prefer is when they are being chased.  They protest that they are naive to it all but the reality is that they are junkies to such affection.  They want all the love to be a one way street.  They twist truth and even flat out lie.

They never come across as nasty.  In fact, everyone is friendly with them.  Their sociopathic nature means that they get along with everyone but only because of the praise, attention and compliments that they get.

Now, let me put this to you.  They should be exposed for the cruel creatures they are.  Players are reliant on the relative anonymity of their insidious actions.  Naming & shaming is an ugly policy but it is the only effective thing left to do.  Otherwise they continue to hurt who they see fit, using dishonesty and deception to quench their thirst for short term attention with none of the commitment costs.

Hate the player and the games will end.